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DPP-140 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DPP-140 Flat Plate Automatic B

This machine is the latest and high automation product designed for middle and s...

Tubular centrifuge

Tubular centrifuge

It is three-phase liquid-liquid-solid separates oil, water and impurity. This m...

VI-300 Mixing machine

VI-300 Mixing machine

The mixer is used for mixing the dry material grains in medical,chemical,food,m...

GHL Rapid High Speed Wet Mixer Granulator

GHL Rapid High Speed Wet Mixer

The blending and granulating procedures and completed in the same vessel of the ...

FL60 Fluidized bed drying granulator

FL60 Fluidized bed drying gran

The advantage of FL Fluid Bed Granulator Dryer Machine technology rests with mai...

LPG-25 Experimental spray dryer

LPG-25 Experimental spray drye

Whey spray dryer is a technology most widely used in the liquid technology shapi...

NJP-400 capsule filling machine

NJP-400 capsule filling machin

Features 1. Improved inner design of r0tary mold; adopts imported bearing to ma...

CGN208-D capsule filling machine

CGN208-D capsule filling machi

This capsule filling machine is suitable for medium & small pharmaceutical facto...

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SINO PHARMACEUTICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT (LIAOYANG) CO., LTD.  (hereafter called SINOPED) is subordinate to SINOPED (CHINA) LIMITED, and is a manufacturer which integrates the science researching, the fabricating and the trading in one. Our corporation was originated from Liaoyang Ph...

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